Who Is WordPros?

WordPros Publications, Inc. is the business face of Paul and Kerri Elders, professional freelance writers, editors, and consumer advocates whose work has appeared in more than thirty newspapers and print magazines.

We’ve written for print magazines since 1994. We’ve also written our fair share of political speeches for politicians in the great state of New Mexico. And we published a terrific cookbook in the mid-90′s (shameless plug: still available at Amazon).

We specialize in consumer-market technical articles; here are just a few of the print publications in which our articles have appeared:

The Oregon Scientist Highways The Albuquerque Tribune
The Farmers’ Almanac The Houston Chronicle MotorHome
The Houston Post Alabama Outdoors Lifestyles
Trailblazer Magazine Family Motor Coaching Santa Fe New Mexican
Trailer Life RV Business GMC’s What’s New

Contact Info:

WordPros Publications, Inc.

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