Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has confirmed that Amazon will indeed be selling an Amazon-branded 7″ cloud-based tablet PC this Fall (November). Read more here!

Even MORE news on this: Reportedly, this will be a KINDLE device. Here’s a firsthand report from someone at TechCrunch who’s actually testdriven a prototype.

9/6/11 Update: More details emerge from Business Insider. Peek here.

9/6/11 9:15 PM Update: EVEN MORE DETAILS emerge about this exciting new tablet. Possibly 7″ AND 10″ model Kindles soon to come. Check out Tom’s Guide Gadgets post for the lowdown.

9/12/11 10 AM Update: Further speculation from PC Magazine.

9/26/11 LAST UPDATE: TechCrunch is reporting that this new color Kindle will be called the Kindle Fire and that e-ink Kindles will continue to be sold and supported (yea)! Click here to find out more before Amazon’s official Press Conference on 9/28.