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Amazon Prime Members: Borrow a Kindle Book A Month!

Jeff Bezos has done it again; he’s added even MORE value to

The first color Kindle, the Kindle Fire, ships November 15, 2011.

And as of November 3, 2011, Amazon Prime members can borrow a Kindle book a month, free of charge, through the Kindle Lending Library.

Amazon Prime is a $79 per year Annual Subscription that used to offer “nothing more” than free two-day shipping of any eligible product from Amazon’s huge inventory. THAT was a great deal in itself.

But starting in the Spring of 2011, Amazon started offering selected movies for unlimited video streaming as a perk for Prime Members. And the library of movies and TV shows has been ever-expanding since, including some newer acquisitions from ABC TV, Fox, and PBS.

Click Here to learn more about the Kindle Lending Library.

Go Amazon!

Meet The Kindle Touch

Announced a few minutes ago by Jeff Bezos during a press conference in New York:

Amazon’s releasing the latest Kindle with e-ink and 3G: The Kindle Touch (available November 21, but can be pre-ordered NOW).

E-ink fans will be thrilled; for avid readers, nothing compares to its combination of clarity and ease of reading. Click above to learn more about the Touch from Amazon itself.

If you’re into color, here’s a link to the new Kindle Fire: 7″ color display, touchscreen–you’ve heard the rumors already.

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