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Twitter Launches a Guide for Journalists

Confused about Twitter?

You’re not alone.

The problem is widespread enough that Twitter has just launched a Guide for Journalists, called Twitter for Newsrooms.

If you’re a Twitter Vet, don’t bother. But if you’re still confused about #hashtags, give it a whirl!

Nuclear Reactor Operations Explained

Here’s a fascinating, detailed explanation of how a nuclear reactor produces electricity.

This graphic work also describes, in detail, how this design has contributed to the ongoing issues at the Fukushima plant in Japan.

Google Unveils Voice Search Capability

Bad speller?
In a hurry?
Hands full?
Hunt-and-peck typist?

Then Google’s got the answer for you: Voice Search.

Use Google’s Browser, Chrome, connect a microphone & go. You can simply speak your search terms into your microphone and get results FAST.

I’ve used voice recognition software for years & am an enthusiastic fan (once you’ve TRAINED your system, that is). It will be interesting to see how well Google can understand the vast array of accents and speech patterns it will be presented.

Adventurous? Give it a try; you may never go back to your keyboard!

Why I Love Being A Writer

Sinclair Lewis

Sinclair Lewis

“We have the power to bore people long after we are dead.”

–Sinclair Lewis

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